Natura 2000 Areas:map_area_pohorje

  • POO Pohorje (SI30000270)
  • POV Pohorje (SI5000006)

The priority habitat type, addressed by the project:

The species-rich grasslands with the prevailing matgrass (Nardus stricta).

The species-rich Nardus grasslands (the so-called ‘volkovja’) are one of the most common habitat types in the EU. They can be found in 24 member states and in 6 different bioregions. They include many different sub-types that can be found in varied ecological conditions. They are generally oligotrophic habitats on poor grounds. The long-lasting existence of the habitat type is mostly closely connected with the tradition of grazing and extensive farming. In Slovenia, this habitat type can be found in five Natura 2000 areas, with the common estimated surface of about 3000 ha. In the area of Pohorje, a type of sub-continental mountain grasslands of Nardo-Agrostion tenuis  prevails.

Oligotrophic grasslands in the Montanan part of Pohorje that are typical of the top areas and that are the consequence of the traditional use (grazing, mowing) on the primarily forested sites are considered an important habitat in terms of nature conservation. The distinct and prevailing species of these grasslands is matgrass (Nardus stricta). In addition to matgrass (Nardus stricta), other grasses and grass related species are red fescue (Festuca rubra), tufted hairgrass (Deschampsia caespitosa), field wood-rush (Luzula campestris), etc. Montanan and Sub-Alpine herb species are typical of the turfs that make these grasslands look colourful and attractive (e.g. Arnica montana, Lychnis flos-cuculi, Gentiana spp., Hieracium aurantiacum, etc.).

In the mountain and mountain grassland areas of Pohorje, we find abandonment of agricultural use, which on one hand represents the changing of the man-made environment and on the other the impoverishment of the diversity of plant and animal species that are typical of these areas. The areas are gaining new functions and contents, therefore different interests need to be coordinated (e.g. tourism, agriculture, forestry, hunting and nature conservation). We are also planning to improve the method of grasslands management as well as the restoration of the areas that are experiencing the process of overgrowth. The size of the project’s sub-area is 992 ha. It is situated on the ridges and the terraces between Rogla and the Ribnica Peak.


  • Abandonment of land / low intensity of management
  • Eutrophication of lands
  • Grazing system (stocking density …)
  • Untargeted development of tourism
  • Gathering


Local coordinator for the Pohorje project subregion

Sebastjan Štruc, Regional Unit Maribor
Address: Pobreška cesta 20, 2000 Maribor
Telephone: + 386 2 29 272 94
E-mail: sebastjan.struc@zrsvn.si