Gorjanci Mown Grasslands Society

gorjanske-koseniceThe Gorjanci Mown Grasslands Society was established in August 2003 by people who care about Gorjanci.

We are convinced that it is easier to reach goals in an organised form. We care about the natural and cultural heritage that we received from our ancestors. We need to deal carefully with it and at the same time respect the time in which we live. We wish to realise the wants and suggestions of individuals and groups connected to Gorjanci in various ways (hikers, mountaineers, foresters, owners of the land, nature lovers, hunters, cyclists and the rest).

Since the establishment of the society, we have been annually performing clean-ups. The recreational bicycling event “Petelinji vzpon na Miklavž” (The Rooster’s Climb to Miklavž Hill) has been organised ten times, while we are best known for the “Kuhanje oglja na Gorjancih” (Charcoal Burning in Gorjanci) event, which is going to be organised for the thirteenth time this year. Charcoal burning is carried out in September. Together with the representatives of the Slovenian Forest Service, the Police and lately with the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation as well, we organise educational courses for pupils, who are introduced to the manner of charcoal burning and later on take a walk on the educational path, where they acquire knowledge about the natural diversity and cultural heritage of Gorjanci. Thousands of visitors have gathered here over all these years.

Among other activities, care for the mown grasslands should be emphasised (in all these years, we have managed to clear several hectares of them) as well as the occasional organisation of hiking.

The project Life to Grasslands – Življenje traviščem is our second European project. In our first project of this type, we managed to create an educational trail and upgraded the charcoal burning. In this project, we wish to give further value to the grasslands, which we carry in our name. We wish to obtain new knowledge with this project and thus prepare the basis for the development of new job positions in Gorjanci. With that, we could significantly contribute to the continuous management of the region.

Gorjanci Mown Grasslands Society

Kontaktna oseba: Franci Bratkovič
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E-mail: franci.bratkovic@siol.net

Marjana Antić Trščinar

E-mail: life.gorjanci@gmail.com