An Overview of Implemented Activities

Thirty farms have joined the project in the Kum area, contributing to conservation of the grasslands and tall
tree meadow orchards in an area covering more than 80 ha. We removed the wooden overgrowth on almost
20 ha of the abandoned grasslands and have provided over 16 km of pasture fence, covering 30 ha of the land,
to the farmers for free use. For easier management in the future, we bought one mountain mower, several
brush cutters, a mulcher and a trailer for livestock transportation. Ten farms also received farm management
plans, while 5 ha of tall tree meadow orchards with autonomous fruit varieties were revitalised by rejuvenating
pruning of 196 old trees and planting 263 saplings of old autonomous fruit varieties. With the aim of raising
awareness about the importance of dry grasslands, we equipped a “grassland” classroom in the premises of
LC Dobovec and organized 17 science classes, which were attended by more than 600 students from Trbovlje
primary schools.