Agriculture and Forestry Institute Ptuj

kgz-ptujKGZS – Institute Ptuj is an expert institution significant to the planning and implementation of agricultural and rural development in the Podravje region. The Institute was established in accordance with the Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry Act in 2000, as a regional public institution for the purpose of implementing public agricultural advisory services, professional tasks in the production of crops, livestock, gene bank, forestry, and fisheries and other tasks in accordance with the acquired concessions in the municipalities of the Podravje region.

Over its years of operation, the Institute has engaged in various forms of activities. The Institute started its operation in 1953, with the establishment of the District Veterinary Clinic Ptuj. The area covered by KGZS – Institute Ptuj is diverse, and offers favourable climatic and soil conditions for cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats, poultry farming, agriculture, horticulture, fruit cultivation, wine-growing, and various complementary activities related to primary agricultural production.

The area covers the Drava and Ptuj plains, the hilly part of the Slovenian Hills, Haloze, and hill areas of Pohorje and Kozjak. KGZS – Institute Ptuj offers agricultural advisory services in the area of Ptuj, Ormož, Lenart, the Slovenian Hills, Slovenska Bistrica, and Radlje ob Dravi; whereas livestock activity also covers the entire Maribor area.

The Institute consists of Agricultural Advisory Service, Livestock Production Section with the selection and control of milk yield, Insemination Centre with the production of bovine semen for spotted breed and porcine semen, milk laboratory, laboratory for the analysis of soil and feed, and Record Management Section.

The Institute’s most relevant tasks comprise: the representation of interests of agriculture services users, the improvement of professional knowledge and business decisions of public services users, concern for the preservation of countryside, and the development of agriculture and livestock production, environmental protection and the promotion of organic farming, the introduction of supplementary activities on farms, the promotion of the importance of agriculture, as an important economic branch in the region, and raising awareness among consumers of the quality of home-grown food.

KGZS – Agriculture and Forestry Institute Ptuj

Peter Pribožič
Address: Ormoška cesta 28, 2250 Ptuj
Telephone: 02 749 36 22