PRJ HALO, Haloze Rural Development Centre


PRJ HALO, Haloze Rural Development Centre is an institute that deals with the development of the countryside of the Haloze region and the search for developmental opportunities for the entrepreneurial and agricultural sector. Our specific goal is to develop life in the countryside and to retain and improve the quality of living in the area of Haloze. We implement the linking activities among different players such as non-governmental organisations, local communities, corporate entities, farms and other organisations.

In the area of Haloze, we have been providing VEM point services for entrepreneurs and companies. This enables free services of registration and changes as well as other procedures for private entrepreneurs and simple LLCs. From 2007–2013, we were the preparer of the Developmental programme for the Haloze countryside and the manager of the Local action group Haloze, which got its financial resources for co-financing of over 90 projects from the Leader programme. For the period 2014-2020, we were selected as a head partner for the Local action group Haloze.

Various experiences are gained through leading or co-operation in various projects. One of the most important transnational projects was IT EXPRESS (2011–2013). IT Express is an international project, implemented in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation programme. We used to be the head partner of the DE-PARK project (2015-2016). DE-PARK is a cross-border project that used to be implemented in the framework of OP IPA SI-HR 2007-2013 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

A large part of Haloze is in the Natura 2000 region. Many Haloze surfaces are overgrown, which reduces agricultural surface on one hand and on the other reduces the living space of many plants and animals, but mostly it lowers the quality of life and the possibility of survival in the area of Haloze. We gladly entered the partnership of LIFE TO GRASSLANDS – Življenja traviščem, which eliminates overgrowth to a large extent and helps conservation of biodiversity in Haloze with its conservation of dry grasslands while giving residents of the area opportunities for development of agriculture and new products.

PRJ HALO, Haloze Rural Development Centre

Jernej Golc, direktor
Address: Cirkulane 56, 2282 Cirkulane
Telephone: + 386 2 795 32 00