An Overview of Implemented Activities

In the project, the overgrowth was removed and 47 ha of the overgrown farmland area were revitalised. By
signing an agreement on participating in the project, 100 farms will ensure long-term extensive management
of 240 ha of dry grasslands. We purchased or leased 27 ha of land in the abandoned area of the Čerinovo
estate that will be managed by the project partner the Rural development centre PRJ Halo in cooperation
with another farm. The farms participating in the project were given for free use 4 mountain mowers, 10
brush cutters, 4 trailers for livestock transportation between pastures and pasture equipment (92 km of
(small) cattle fence, electric fence units and cattle watering systems). With a rejuvenating pruning of 588 old
trees and planting of 3200 saplings of old varieties of tall trunk fruit trees, we revitalised or established anew
80 ha of tall tree meadow orchards. Ten bug hotels were built, 30 farm management plans developed and an
economic study was prepared with the activities related to the development of a collective brand of products
from the Haloze dry grasslands.