An Overview of Implemented Activities

In the project, the overgrowth was removed from 53 ha (10.000 cubic metres of wood), mostly on overgrown
farmland. To facilitate grassland management, the areas were further cleaned by removing the stumps with
mulching or uprooting on more than 21 ha of land. After removing the stumps, we proceeded to flatten the
ground and sow oats and local hay debris, which will facilitate and expedite the natural insemination. A wood
fence was built in the scope of the project, in the total length of 2000 metres in the Ostruščica and Kraguljišče
area, seven farm management plans and a grazing plan were prepared and pasture equipment for an electric
fence was bought (wire, poles, pasture machines, water troughs and water tanks), which will facilitate and
increase the economic viability of farming in the long run.